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The Guardians of the Lys…

The “Guardiens du Lys” (LYS) is an organization based on the respect and maturity of its members.
Most of our member are French Canadian. While we advertise ourselves as primarily speaking French, a lot of our members a bilingual (English), including some primarily English speaking members.
More importantly, the organization doesn’t have any political connection in the real world and there will be no tolerance for discrimination, towards players of either language.
We are also building an English speaking wing, composed of bilingual members and our English speaking friends.
The LYS is member of the GDL gaming community which originated from a World of Warcraft guild that peaked around 1000 active French-speaking players, mostly Quebecers.
While GDL is active in multiple online games, each division, including this Star Citizen Organization are autonomous.
Whereas in other games, having a single language was plausible since no interaction where required outside of the guild, in Star Citizen, we expect to interact regularly with many other players of many other languages.
To that end, “Guardiens du Lys” is working on growing it’s English-speaking player base through bilingual and English-only members.
We believe that Star Citizen is the kind of game suited for large organizations, grouping players of different interests together. And although we have yet to be able to provide a specific aim for our members in the Star Citizen universe, we expect it to be split between combat players and trade-based ones.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any diplomatic enquiries.
We are more than confident we can work with english or other-language based organizations.

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